The rules of cooperation

In my profession I act in conformity with the following rules :
  1. The only purpose of legal aid is protection of  legal interests of the person who has commissioned it.
  2. If possible, the client is informed about alternative solutions of the problem, and the good and bad sides of each of them are indicated.
  3. The tasks are carried out in principal personally, without unlimited passing them to the students or applicants.
  4. The  remuneration is set exclusively at the moment of conclusion of the contract and is not modified during its performance.
  5. The client is protected by a solicitor – client privilege which doesn’t allow to reveal- particularly to national organs -  the information confided by him or her.
  6. Any mistakes are covered by the insurance – to the sum of 50.000 euro for every event.
A remuneration
It is set individually, together with the client. The forms of setting a remuneration are:
  1. a remuneration for a specific action (writing of a pleading, taking part in a trial)
  2. a lump sum remuneration
  3. The forms of a remuneration set according to hourly rate
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The materials which have been presented on his website are information only. They shouldn’t be treated as legal advice, advertisement or encouragement to give a commission. Anyone who’s interested in making use of legal aid is requested to contact me directly, by telephone, fax or e-mail.