It is directed both to individual clients and to entrepreneurs. Diversity of the offer ensures its adaptation to the needs of the clients.

Short term legal advising
Natural persons can take advantage of short term legal advising, which means explaining the law, assessing a legal situation of a person seeking advice and indicating an optimal modus operandi.

Legal advising can be direct (oral) or by way of email.
Written opinions and projects of documents

Written opinions are the preferred form of legal aid in case of complex legal matters, requiring an analysis of documents or court records. Their advantages are :

  • a higher degree of precision,
  • an opportunity to propose a greater amount of alternative solutions, including their good and bad sides, and to quote the law which is going to be applied.

For obvious reasons any projects of documents (which includes contracts, statutes, regulations and statements) require written form, which is essential for the highest protection of a client’s interests.

Representation of a lawsuit

The offer of representation of a lawsuit involves all kinds of court proceedings, administrative proceedings and proceedings of competitive tendering. It encompasses in particular civil and family cases (litigious and non-litigious), economic cases, cases in labour and national insurance law. In criminal cases it is possible to order either defence (in preliminary and court proceedings) or  representation of auxiliary and private prosecutors.

My offer includes representation before administrative organs and administrative courts. Legal aid in proceedings concerning competitive tendering encompasses representation before the one who’s ordering  and before The President Of The Competitive Tendering Office.

I also offer legal aid in cases covered by obligatory assistance of an advocate, which includes representation before The Supreme Court, The Chief Administrative Court and The Constitutional Tribunal. The order of representation of a lawsuit involves periodical consulting. Representation includes – when needed – written statements in a court action.

Continuous Legal Aid
The offer of continuous legal aid is above all adapted to the needs of entrepreneurs. It provides continuous aid in all cases connected with applying law and it is carried out in form of duties at the client’s seat or in form of immediate consultations.

It is the optimum form of cooperation for the clients for whom short-term legal advising is insufficient and who’s activity need continuous legal services.

There are following advantages of  continuous legal aid :
lower costs of services than in case of short-term legal agreements,
a possibility of better calculation of the sums expended on legal aid,
a possibility of setting regular duties in a client’s seat,
a better knowledge of a client’s specificity, his or her problems  and internal matters,
a possibility of informing a client about changes in law
(“anticipating the problems”),
a possibility of indicating irregularities in a client’s activity,
a quicker response to the client’s needs.

Continuous legal aid is carried out on the basis of a written contract which can be concluded for any given time.

Support in commercial negotiations
Legal aid can be performed also in the form of representation of the client’s interests during commercial negotiations, proceedings before arbitration courts, negotiations leading to an agreement or negotiations before a trial.

The support can be carried out as an unassisted representation of a client.
Legal trainings and workshops
Experience in educational work allowed to extend the offer by legal trainings and workshops. The presentation of legal issues can take form of a lecture, a joint analysis of practical matters (“cases”) or answering the questions of participants.
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The materials which have been presented on his website are information only. They shouldn’t be treated as legal advice, advertisement or encouragement to give a commission. Anyone who’s interested in making use of legal aid is requested to contact me directly, by telephone, fax or e-mail.